Simplifying IT Infrastructure

Hyperconverged refers to the convergence of not only server, storage and networking but of the hyper-visor as well.

There are many choices in server, storage, and networking hardware, HPE, Lenovo, Cisco, and Dell, as well as various hyper-visors to choose from, VMWare, Hyper-V, KVM. Maybe you want to look at a Hyper-converged package like Nutanix or Simplivity.  It becomes clear that putting all of this is together in a clean and effective way can be quite a challenge.

Allow Summit Partners to help you define your hyper-convergence program, or have us help you build the system you have planned for your enterprise. The result will lower costs and liberate IT to focus on the applications and services that will power new growth in their business.

The Benefits of Hyperconvergence

  • Simplify IT Infrastructure by integrating server, storage and virtualization in a centrally managed appliance with an intuitive, consumer-grade friendly interface
  • Reduce costs and gain quicker ROI by breaking down silos enabling customers to easily add capacity and scale as future needs demand
  • Deliver greater reliability and service with Lenovo enterprise server innovation, which is rated #1 in reliability and customer satisfaction

Is Your Enterprise Ready For Hyperconvergence?

Contact the hyperconvergence experts at Summit Partners today to find out if a hyper converged system will benefit your business.