Cloud Services

Many companies are driven to moving applications and services to the cloud to save up front costs or distribute acquisition costs over time for I.T. hardware and maintenance.

Cloud services can be an enticing alternative to purchasing or renewing hardware. Summit Partners can help you define a multi-year cloud strategy, assisting you in determining the best way to manage your cloud services and integrate them with your on-premises environment while avoiding the potentially explosive costs over time.

Let us help you build a Cloud Strategy for your business large or small.

The Benefits of Cloud Services

  • Cloud computing allows for more flexible capital cost
  • The cloud allows for what can be a better, more efficient disaster recovery plans.
  • Cloud computing can all companies to save on operating costs and headcount as hardware and software can be managed by a service provider.
  • Cloud services support better collaboration for a distributed workforce.

Companies are pushing their I.T. departments to be nimble every day with the need to grow and expand their Dev-Ops with little to no notice, react to changing business demands in real time, without the luxury of capital budgets, or buildout timelines. Cloud services can address these issues in an inexpensive and convenient way. Cloud services can also be dangerous and prohibitively expensive as well, what looks too good to be true upfront could have fees and expenses down the road that surprise you and your budget.

Allow the team at Summit Partners to help you build a strategy that takes into account your unique needs and your on-premises operational capacity. We’ll help you find the right cloud solutions today.

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