Customized IT Solutions

Data Center

For an increasing number of businesses today, the data center is the heart of the operation. Globalization has mandated that this data be accessible at any time from any location. Is your IT infrastructure where it needs to be to accommodate the new speed of data transference?

Not all company IT systems can be moved to the cloud, some systems require a presence in your corporate datacenter. You need to be sure that the application you have in your datacenter are secure, fast, agile, and resilient. Gone are the days of racks and racks of servers drawing power and carrying expensive support and licensing agreements.  Summit Partners can help you develop a right sized modern datacenter by leveraging the technology and tools that are available today.

Data Storage

Your business relies on data for every decision made. If it is inaccessible, outdated or has not been secured, it will affect business outcomes and may jeopardize your company’s very existence. As time goes on, the need to manage the storage of data becomes more and more essential. Summit Partners is well-prepared to assist enterprise level businesses in the analysis, planning and implementation of storage solutions that best fit the needs of the business.

Cloud Services

Many companies are driven to moving applications and services to the cloud to save cost and overhead around I.T. hardware.  Cloud services can be a very enticing alternative to purchasing or renewing hardware.  Summit Partners can help you define a multi-year cloud strategy. We can assist you in determining the best way to manage your cloud services and integrate them with your on-premises environment and avoiding the potentially explosive costs cloud services over time.  Whether it be a professional services engagement to migrate your e-mail to the cloud, or assistance in the selection and deployment of a cloud management tool, let us help you be more successful in the cloud.

IT Security

Installing an antivirus program and maintaining a basic firewall does not provide sufficient protection for an enterprise that relies on the accuracy and accessibility of its data. When Summit Partners does a thorough assessment of your systems’ vulnerabilities, you may be surprised by the number of ways an ill-intentioned hacker could harm your company. Be proactive and call Summit Partners today.

I.T. Security should be top of mind for any I.T. decision maker today.  Speed, uptime, analytics, are irrelevant if the data is not available, corrupted or compromised. Your priority is usually to protect the data. The cyber threat today can infiltrate your system from anywhere. Edge firewalls and anti-virus are woefully inadequate given the modern threat model.  Cyber security is a daily challenge that Summit Partners and our partners can assist you with.


Benefiting from HPE SDN doesn’t require you to rip and replace your entire network. With HPE SDN-enabled infrastructure that works in hybrid mode, you can benefit from SDN wherever and whenever you want in the network.

Networking today as simple as it was just a few years ago.  Your I.T. department needs to move applications and services need to move from Development to Operations, on-prem to cloud.  Virtualization on security require an agile adaptive network, and todays software defined networks (SDN) are the best way to meet these new challenges.  Whether it is designing your cloud integrated global DNS, or LAN and datacenter network design with microsegmentation Summit Partners can help you upgrade the backbone of your I.T. infrastructure today.


A new partnership and OEM agreement announced between Lenovo and Nutanix will bring dramatically reduced server, storage and virtualization complexity in enterprise data centres of all sizes.

Management of datacenter services has changed over the past few years. I.T. departments no longer focus on the technical specifications of hardware as much as the ability to manage and deploy services on the hardware hosted in your datacenter. Hyper-convergence allows your I.T. department to elevate the management and accelerate the deployment of new application with limited staff and experience. With today’s hyper-converged systems Summit Partners can help you to deploy applications with cloud like simplicity but without the runaway operating costs of a cloud service provider.

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