Backup and Disaster Recovery

What do you want to do?

Every I.T. Manager wants to make sure that they have “the data backed up”, but what exactly does that mean, and what is an acceptable level of risk for you and your company? What are you protecting your data from, natural disaster that physically threatens your I.T. infrastructure, crypto attacks, or users that are just to quick on the delete key?  Have you considered that having a backup of your data may not be enough? What about your applications, permissions, and all the elements that allow you to access and use your data. Are they protected as well?  What do you and your team need to do to recover your data should a disaster occur? Will you have everything you will need and an action plan in place?

How much disaster mitigation planning do you need?

All backup plans should start with an understanding of what the recovery objectives will be, whether you are developing an in-depth disaster recovery plan for a large corporation or just looking to renew your backup software.  Perhaps you only have your data in one place, on one device and you are looking to mitigate your risk; perhaps you have duplicated data in your SANs or storage environment; perhaps you have adequate backups on an appliance or tape; perhaps you are required to deliver a disaster recovery plan complete with BIA (Business Impact Analysis), BCP (Business Continuity Plan) with scenarios, roles, and contingency planning. but you do not have a defined recovery plan. We can help.

How can Summit Partners help you?

Disaster recover like security and many other aspects of I.T. planning is a delicate balance between what is an acceptable level of risk, against what is affordable.  No one solution can protect anyone from everything.  Each solution is unique to the business, the needs of that business, and the acceptable budget for that businesses DR initiatives.  Summit Partners can help you start this process by defining what you want to accomplish, how you are going to accomplish it, and what is will cost, leveraging new technologies, as well as existing infrastructure.  Disaster recovery and backup technology today is probably very different from the last time many companies have refreshed their data protection infrastructure.  Let us help you leverage the tools available to best support your business and address the concerns of your business.