Data Compliance


As security has become a higher focus over the past decade the industry has changed and adapted to try and protect itself.  More and more regulations and compliancy issues are becoming the burden of I.T. Managers and I.T. department.  Today you may find yourself designing I.T. architecture, or redesigning existing architecture to keep up with changing demands from the outside regarding compliance.

Regulatory Challenges

Depending upon you industry you may have multiple compliancy challenges that push and pull on you I.T. infrastructure.  These can be the internal requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley if you are a publicly held company.  You may need to enforce the stringent requirements of the payment card industry and PCI compliance if you accept or store credit card information.  You may also have to adapt to the regulations pertinent to your business, compliance around local gaming control regulations, or HIPPA compliance.


Summit Partners has experience with all of these regulations as well as the process of meeting, maintaining, and validating compliance.  Chances are that you are facing requirement from multiple regulatory groups.  We can help you take some basic steps that may address issues identified from multiple agencies.  Allow us to use our experience to help you clear the hurdles that you face around your compliancy challenges.  We can help you leverage all of the tools you have, or help you use new ones to get compliant, stay compliant, and most importantly, document your work.

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