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A10 Networks pioneered a new generation of application networking technologies. Our solutions enable enterprises, service providers, Web giants and government organizations to accelerate, secure and optimize the performance of their data center applications and networks. Our Advanced Core Operating System (ACOS®) platform is designed to deliver substantially greater performance and security relative to prior generation application networking products.

Our software-based ACOS architecture provides the flexibility that enables us to expand our business with additional products to solve a growing array of networking and security challenges across cloud computing and mobility. A10 Networks has a portfolio of application-layer networking products that assure user-to-application connectivity is available, accelerated and secure.

American Power Conversion provides protection against many of the primary causes of data loss, hardware damage and downtime. Founded in 1981, APC is a leading provider of global, end-to-end AC and DC-based back-up power products and services, which include surge suppressors, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power conditioning equipment, power management software, and DC power systems as well as precision cooling equipment, and professional and consulting services for Nonstop Networking™. APC, known for Legendary Reliability™, sets the standard for quality, innovation and support for power protection solutions from desktop systems to data center operations to entire facilities. Its comprehensive solutions, which are designed for both home and corporate environments, improve the manageability, availability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communication and industrial equipment of all sizes.

Some of the biggest names in business, education and government trust Aruba. And for good reason.

For well over a decade, we’ve provided access management, network infrastructure and mobility application solutions that enable them to create next-generation mobility networks.

Our solutions are unified into one cohesive and manageable enterprise mobility infrastructure that strengthens security, simplifies how users and devices connect, and eases the burden on IT.

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Barracuda Networks Inc. combines premises-based gateways and software, virtual appliances, cloud services, and sophisticated remote support to deliver comprehensive content security, data protection and application delivery solutions. The company’s expansive product portfolio includes offerings for protection against email, Web and IM threats as well as products that improve application delivery and network access, message archiving, backup and data protection.

In the Internet of Everything era, there has never been a more important time for private and public sector organizations to take a transformative approach. Critical insights are the key to understanding the right moves for your business, whether you want to:

  • Build new markets and develop new business models
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Increase productivity
  • Create exceptional customer experiences
  • Accelerate innovation
  • Reduce risk

Our thought leadership explores all facets of the marketplace with extensive global research and in-depth analysis. From evolving technology shifts to industries in disruption. Workplace trends to global cloud patterns. Mobile consumption habits to emerging security threats. Explore our latest perspectives featured on this page.

Fortinet is a worldwide provider of network security appliances and a market leader in Network Security (FW/NGFW/UTM). Our products and subscription services provide broad, integrated and high-performance protection against advanced threats while simplifying the IT security infrastructure. Our customers include enterprises, service providers and government entities worldwide, including the majority of the 2011 Fortune Global 100.

Fortinet’s flagship FortiGate security appliances deliver ASIC-accelerated performance and integrates multiple layers of security designed to help protect against application and network threats. Our broad product line of complementary solutions goes beyond Network Security to help secure the extended enterprise – from endpoints, to the perimeter and the core, including databases and applications.

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Our Vision

Our Vision At Lenovo, our vision is that Lenovo will create personal devices more people are inspired to own, a culture more people aspire to join and an enduring, trusted business that is well respected around the world. This vision guides us in pursuit of our mission to become one of the world’s great personal technology companies.We will accomplish this through:

Personal Computers: Lead in PCs and be respected for our product innovation and quality.

Convergence: Lead the industry with an ecosystem of devices, services, applications and content for people to seamlessly connect to people and web content.

Culture: Become recognised as one of the best, most trusted and most well-respected companies to work for and do business with.

Our Culture 

Our culture defines us…it’s our DNA. We call it the “We Are Lenovo” culture and it’s the values we share and the business practices we deploy. It’s how we address our day-to-day commitments. The “We Are Lenovo” culture is embodied in the statement: We do what we say, we own what we do, and we like to constantly wow our customers

Our culture also drives how we work every day, specifically we are:·

Focused on CUSTOMERS in everything we do·
Global TEAM players guided by integrity and TRUST·       ENTREPRENEURS committed to driving change·
INNOVATORS who relentlessly pursue new idea

Our culture is what has enabled us to consistently raise the bar on delivering break-through innovations, award-winning designs, and strong financial performance.

Our People

At Lenovo, our people share a common aspiration to be the very best. Whether serving our customers, working together as a team or contributing to the community, we are working to build a unique company delivering unparalleled products created and supported by people who represent a wealth of cultures and experiences. Our strength lies in this diversity. And every day, on every project, we are creating a new language for inclusion and respect for others. We are dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages entrepreneurism and ownership. A workplace where people’s talents can be challenged and their efforts recognised and rewarded.

Dedicated To Your Success, Now and Into the Future

Our mission has always been to help our customers achieve what matters most to them.

In 1993, we shipped our first data storage system to Patrick Mulroney, who was a system administrator at Tandem Computers at that time. The network appliance was designed to clean up his infrastructure sprawl. He loved its simplicity.

“Patrick’s favorite attribute was that our system rebooted in 30 seconds instead of hours like our competitors,” says NetApp co-founder, Dave Hitz. “While solving the downtime problem, we also gave Patrick a competitive edge.”

More than 20 years later, our story is still about delivering innovation that gives our customers an edge over their competitors. From the edge of the universe with CERN’s Large Hadron Collider, to the edge of human endurance in Formula One auto racing, we help you to do things you couldn’t before – at speeds you never thought possible.

Throughout the world, leading organizations count on NetApp for software, systems and services to manage and store their data. We help enterprises and service providers envision, deploy and evolve their IT environments. Customers also benefit from our open collaboration with other technology leaders to create the specific solutions they need.

Our team is passionate about customer success. Our company culture and work environment support that dedication.   Together with our global network of partners, we are united in one goal: to help our customers achieve the outcomes that matter most to them.

Preventing Successful Cyberattacks

The downside of the ever-decreasing cost of computing power is the ability for cybercriminals and adversaries to launch automated and sophisticated attacks at lower and lower costs. It is now cheaper than ever to conduct successful cyberattacks, which has led to an onslaught of malicious activity against organizations, threatening the foundations of trust in digital systems critical to business operations and innovative advantage.

The end goal of security is to enable your operations to flourish and keep your organization out of the headlines associated with cyber breaches. This means reducing the likelihood of a successful attack. By focusing on prevention, the Palo Alto Networks® Next-Generation Security Platform reduces cybersecurity risk to a manageable degree, allowing organizations to compartmentalize their most serious threats and focus on business operations.

Agility and Security: Why Choose?

Inflexible and complex security postures can pose major hurdles to the adoption of new technologies – such as cloud computing and SaaS applications – necessary for organizational agility. In this context, security and agility become trade–offs, which can lead to either lost opportunities to raise productivity, or increased organizational risk as users circumvent rigid security controls.

Our platform allows for the consistent enforcement of security policy, including threat detection and advanced intelligence analytics, in both physical and virtual environments by classifying all traffic by application, user and content, regardless of where it lives. With these measures in place, the platform enables the secure adoption of new productivity-enhancing technologies, such as public and private cloud and SaaS applications.

Improving Security and Efficiency

Security postures built on a wide array of point products from multiple vendors create complex and expensive environments, in the level of investment in equipment, the multiple subscriptions and service costs, and the level of effort required to operate and maintain them. With the proliferation of deployed point products, the security architecture for the enterprise became exponentially more complicated; and the more complex environments are, the easier it is for security teams to make a mistake in the deployment. Managing a disparate portfolio of point security products also leads to  inefficient utilization of security staff who increasingly find themselves overwhelmed with alert volumes and bogged down in manual processes.

By classifying and judging all traffic based on application, user and content, our security platform provides the ability to isolate unique and targeted attacks with context and analysis to help security staff prioritize efforts and operate more efficiently. The integrated platform also reprograms itself automatically upon the detection of an unknown attack, creating and disseminating protection mechanisms, a process that does not rely on manual intervention. Our platform can reduce complexity by consolidating investments in multiple products, which can lead to higher usability while lowering capital and operational expenses.

With over 60 years experience, HP is one of the world’s largest providers of information technology to consumers, small and medium sized businesses, enterprises and the public sector. The company’s extensive portfolio of market-leading solutions is specifically designed to meet the needs of each customer segment. HP’s annual research and development investment of some $4 billion fuels ongoing product development and refinement. It allows HP to maintain a competitive edge in the Servers, Storage and Workstations products Summit Partners  offers our customers. Like Summit, Hewlett-Packard’s aim is to offer products, services and solutions that are high tech, low cost and deliver the best customer experience.

HP’s highest level of accreditation for partners is the Elite Partner status. These are given for specializations in different areas within the HP product portfolio and require specific levels of certification and revenue goals be met to achieve them.  Summit Partners is a Storage Elite and Solutions Elite Partner, with a focus on server/desktop virtualization.

Petabyte-scale storage requires new levels of performance, scalability and uptime, all with the benefits of cloud economics

Choose the RING to make your business more agile, efficient and competitive. 

Business is more competitive than ever. A handful of people anywhere in the world can bring a new product to market in months, aided by the cloud, instantaneous sharing and mobility. Business models like freemium, over-the-top and the collaborative economy are disrupting the market. Data is flooding businesses with streaming media, user-generated content, social graphs, big data and the Internet of Things. Everything is becoming bits and bytes. In this ultra-competitive environment, existing models of storage are being overwhelmed. These systems were built for a single local environment, a single application, a few terabytes of storage (as a management unit), days of maintenance downtime, the ability to survive only the occasional failure of a single component, with software tied to proprietary operating systems and hardware, and inflated proprietary costs built in.

This is no longer acceptable. 

The RING is a software-based storage that is built to scale to petabytes with performance, scaling and protection mechanisms appropriate for such scale. It enables your business to grow without limitations and extra overhead, works across 80% of your applications, and protects your data over 200% more efficiently at 50–70% lower cost.

Silver Peak is the fastest growing WAN optimization company

When you need to overcome your most pressing application performance and data mobility challenges, Silver Peak is the answer with the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive portfolio of WAN optimization solutions. Silver Peak is the fastest growing WAN optimization company and the industry leader in virtual WAN optimization software.

Industry Leading Technology

Summit Partners has the technology to solve your challenges, so choose the data acceleration solution that solves every factor undermining application performance on the WAN. Silver Peak is a set-it-and-forget-it solution that operates at the network layer to optimize all transport protocols and applications. Silver Peak consistently provides technology leadership that prepares customers for the future and was first with non-TCP acceleration, multi-gigabit performance, support for all hypervisors, VMware workload acceleration, and utility cloud licensing.

Highest Capacity Products

Silver Peak delivers the highest-performing WAN optimization solution, scaling to multi-Gbps of throughput. Silver Peak appliances accelerate 3x more traffic than Riverbed Steelhead across more than 5x concurrent users for any enterprise application. Silver Peak virtualized software solutions deliver 10x greater throughput and 20x more concurrent users than Riverbed Virtual Steelhead – and costs less. InfoWorld Test Center awarded Silver Peak “Editor’s Choice” for virtual WAN optimization.

Welcome to Sophos

IT security products have become as complex as the networks they’re trying to secure. At Sophos we know that the solution to complexity is not more complexity. We tackle security challenges with clarity and confidence, knowing that simple security is better security.

Veritas Solutions

From unstructured data growth to hybrid clouds, Veritas has you covered


Know what you have. Keep what you need. Eliminate what you don’t need.
Veritas helps organizations deal with their unstructured data by providing visibility into what they have. This enables organizations to take action and implement processes to keep them ahead of the crush.


Organizations look to cloud architectures to help meet the evolving business needs of the digital world. However, with most organizations relying on multiple cloud infrastructure platforms in addition to traditional data centers, a unified approach to information protection, availability, and governance becomes more critical than ever.


Securing the complex information systems and protected health information of today’s healthcare private practices, hospitals, and payers.


Veritas empowers government departments, on the federal and local level, to gain better visibility and insight into unstructured data and to control, store, and protect citizen information.

Gain peace of mind that your data is protected: breakthrough hypervisor-based replication software simplifies disaster recovery and reduces storage costs. Only Zerto Virtual Replication delivers orchestration and automation of the entire recovery process, regardless of underlying storage, hypervisor or cloud. Works with VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Amazon AWS.

Migrate data centers in minutes, rather than days or weeks. Move virtual workloads from any hardware or hypervisor to any environment, without interrupting business. The Zerto Virtual Replication move feature enables hundreds of VMs to be moved simultaneously with just a few clicks. Simplify migrations, switch to new infrastructure faster and get quicker ROI.

Choose you preferred IT infrastructure and customize your IT mix to maximize service and minimize cost. Seamlessly and move virtualized workloads between public, private and hybrid clouds. Intuitive user interface eases workflow regardless or workload or application complexity. Simplify IT and get more from virtualization with Zerto’s industry leading software.

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