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The first step in protecting your environment is recognize that everyone is at risk of being compromised and if your data can be stolen. It takes multiple layers of security to protect your systems. The security professionals at Summit Partners will help you find all possible access points and assist in putting the correct protections in place.

The Benefits of Summit Partners Security Solutions

  • We’ll guide you on how to assess vulnerability to internal and external breaches as well as how to detect security program failures.
  • Our security professionals provide specific recommendations related to hardware, software and innovative technologies that impact existing and future security risks specific to your industry.
  • We help you to understand and abide by applicable compliance regulations.
  • You’re not alone: We can provide ongoing third-party monitoring of risk management, intrusion detection, and prevention.
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The Approach

Assess Vulnerability

Summit Partners is your ally. We can help you identify and address any security vulnerabilities before they become a problem.

Implement Improvements

Depending on the severity of vulnerabilities discovered, possible solutions may include changes to hardware, software or the entire data infrastructure.

Stay Compliant

Summit Partners has extensive experience assisting industries that are bound by compliance issues where a breach of security would be devastating.

Stand Watch

It’s crucial to continually monitor security protocols and ensure that any intrusion attempts are stopped. Summit Partners provides security monitoring resources.

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