Summit Partners Security Solutions


Are your diamonds, rubies, and business intelligence secured? Does your security begin and end with a firewall and anti-virus program? Are your server applications vulnerable? Could unauthorized personnel access sensitive internal documents? How difficult would it be to sabotage your main data center? You may not want to know the answers to these questions; but they are risks that could jeopardize the very existence of a business like yours.

Summit Partners has the expertise needed to provide you with safe and effective ways to access, store, and secure mission-critical data.

What Benefits Does Security Assessment Offer?

Assess vulnerability to internal and external breaches and security program failures.
Provide specific recommendations related to hardware, software and innovative technologies that impact existing and future security risks.
Investigate applicable compliance regulations in relation to current and proposed security solutions.
Ongoing third-party monitoring of risk management, intrusion detection, and prevention.

Assess Vulnerability

Summit Partners is your ally. We can help you identify and address any security vulnerabilities before they become a problem. From applications to email, Internet access, and data storage methods, there are a number of ways that a system can be attacked. The security professionals at Summit Partners will reveal possible access points and help you seal them off.

Recommend Improvements

Depending on the severity of vulnerabilities discovered, possible solutions may include changes to hardware, software or the entire data infrastructure. For most companies, a more robust security protocol may be sufficient but others may need to upgrade or replace applications that leave them exposed. Summit Partners will fully explain the extent of vulnerabilities detected and provide several options to secure them.

Remain Compliant

Summit Partners has extensive experience assisting industries that are bound by compliance issues, such as healthcare, finance, and insurance where a breach of security would be devastating. There are several pathways that balance accessibility and support high productivity with layers of security that will prevent intrusion.

Stand Watch

Just as helpful technologies are constantly emerging, so too do harmful technologies emerge. It is crucially important to continually monitor the security protocols and to ensure that any intrusion attempts are stopped cold in their tracks. Summit Partners provides security monitoring resources with security recommendations.

Next Steps

Installing an anti-virus program and maintaining a basic firewall does not provide sufficient protection for an enterprise that relies on the accuracy and accessibility of its data. When Summit Partners does a thorough assessment of your systems’ vulnerabilities, you may be surprised by the number of ways an ill-intentioned hacker could harm your company. Be proactive and call Summit Partners today. You won’t regret it.