Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

A Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) allows multiple workers to access the same information simultaneously from various locations. For example, teams of engineers, architects, electricians, and interior designers may be working on an office building simultaneously. The software applications that they utilize reside in one location but can be utilized from anywhere in the world. The architect can use it on his smartphone, the interior designer can
use it with her tablet, and the electrician can use it on his PC. Each person can access the core documents and use the software. Every team member can see changes being made in real time. There are no delays related to time zones or accessibility.
What Benefits Will a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Provide? 
·       Management can easily observe productivity of team members.
·       Access to sensitive data can be closely monitored and controlled.
·       Collaborative efforts will be streamlined with real-time updates.
·       Geographic location of team members becomes irrelevant.
·       Team members can use the device of their choice without limitation.
·       Specifications for required hardware is minimal, reducing required capital.
Maximize Productivity 
Because the software applications reside on a shared server, system administrators can easily observe activity logs of individual users for management. These reports can be used to establish incentives or to document significant changes in productivity related to processes or individual behaviors.
For industries where data is considered to be highly sensitive, such as finance, law, or healthcare, access to files may be available on a ‘need to know’ basis.  Under these circumstances it is crucial that each point of access is well documented. A VDI keeps the data in one place where only authorized personnel can access it and where they can extend or restrict access at a moment’s notice.
Real Time Updates
The best project outcomes result from diversity. Team members can operate from separate continents without hampering the team’s progress. A VDI allows every member to stay abreast of the progress of the project, contribute his or her parts, and see the collaborative output in real-time.

Minimal Capital Investment
Because the software applications and operating systems used by a VDI exist on the server, the desktop interfaces do not need to be of high caliber. In fact, workers can use their own devices to access the application and data when appropriate. This flexibility greatly reduces the capital investment required for rapid expansion.
Next Steps

Do you think that a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) may benefit your business? The integration experts at Summit Partners can help you assess your needs and provide you with more detailed information about the data access, security, compliance and continuity this platform provides while preserving the users’ personalized desktop experience. To learn more, contact Summit Partners at (702) 988-4290.