Gaming and Hospitality

Summit Partners understands that, in a typical resort, there are countless applications that need to work together to support the day to day operations of the business.  Summit Partners can provide you with a robust and scalable infrastructure that ties these systems together and ensures that your guests receive the best customer experience possible.
Summit Partners has worked with the world's largest resorts helping them to implement key technologies such as security, virtualization and disaster recovery.
Our solutions help to tie together all aspects of the guest experience across all systems. By applying a common infrastructure that unifies previously disparate systems, these solutions help to maximize the guest touch, deliver personalized services, and build loyalty. The improved connectivity empowers your people to leverage customer data and trends in order to increase revenue with targeted marketing and promotions as well as rapid response to new service streams and channels.
From Property Management and Point of Sale systems to front desk and back office operations, we have the expertise to create an enterprise architecture that works for today's rapidly changing hospitality environments.