Disaster Recovery Services

Stop, drop and roll. You have immediate recall of this sequence because you’ve been repeatedly prepared for the possibility of being caught in a fire. You may never need to use that knowledge, but it is ingrained in your memory, just in case.
Summit Partners provides you with a similar safeguard -- a planned process for recovery should the worst-case scenario befall your company. Again, it is an unlikely event but imagine for a moment what ramifications your company would face if your data communications
were silenced for ten days or more. The disaster that would likely follow can be prevented by putting a Disaster Recovery Plan in place.
What Benefits Does a Disaster Recovery Plan Offer? 

  • Reducing the risk of total loss due to disaster.
  • Providing a sense of security for employees and stakeholders, thereby enhancing morale.
  • Planning for survivability and stability.
  • Enhancing the company’s security profile for prospective clients and investors.

Hard work and sweat are necessary to achieve success. When disaster strikes, it can be hard to recapture that essence. Businesses that are able to survive a catastrophe have done so because they were prepared. It may not be likely, but it is possible. Summit Partners can help you devise a Disaster Recovery Plan that will help you return to normal in the event of an emergency.
If you consider your employees to be your most valuable asset, you can communicate that sentiment by establishing and publicizing a disaster recovery plan. When you take measures to plan for the survival of your business, you will also be planning for the survival of your employees’ jobs and the stability of their families and the investments of your stakeholders.
Before a management team can imagine surviving a catastrophe, they have to be confident that they will survive under the pressures of normal economic activity. This level of stamina and forethought shows a vision that enhances every business decision.
When an investor is considering providing capital for a company to expand, or a
high-performing executive is considering an offer for a C-level position, the existence of a Disaster Recovery Plan will demonstrate that the leadership team is prepared for every possibility. It suggests that the company values its people, its clients and its very existence.

Next Steps
Because Summit Partners has experience with all types of data infrastructure, communications and security protocols, they are well equipped to assist companies who wish to prepare for their response to a worst-case scenario. Whether a fire, flood, or an earthquake were to affect your business, a Disaster Recovery Plan will help you resume business as usual as soon as possible. Stop, drop and roll!

Recommended CTA: Download a graphic timeline of the business consequences faced when disaster strikes (such as clean water, essential supplies, sewage, electricity, etc.) with an emphasis on the economic impact such as in New Orleans or the recent Colorado floods.